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 Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path, Lake Park Road, North Narrabeen

Sats 4pm - 5.30pm May 20th - June 17 2017

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About this Program

This structured program begins with individual breathing assessment, which are followed up by 5 individual or group sesssions.   In these sessions you will learn how to utilize  breathing, movement, relaxation and mindfulness practices to optimise your breathing and improve your health.  

Who is it for?

The IBT adults program is useful for anyone who needs to improve their breathing. Particularly those who suffer from asthma, emphysema (COPD), hyperventilation, anxiety, mouth breathing, and breathing pattern disorders and sleep disordered breathing (including snoring and sleep apnea).

People who suffer from these health problems often have inefficient or dysfunctional breathing. This means that the way they habitually breathe could be contributing to physical and psychological factors that affect their health and quality of life.

What to expect

Somethings you will learn in this program

  • what correct breathing actually is and how it relates to conditions like asthma, COPD, snoring, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, insommnia, exercise performance 
  • how to improve breathing pattern and optimise the use of your diaphragm and breathing muscles 
  • how to improve your albility to breathe through your nose
  • how to recognise and correct hyperinflation and hyperventilation
  • how to use breathing techniques to control symptoms
  • how to use breathing to calm the nervous system improve the function of your vagus nerve
  •  breathing, relaxation and mind-body practices to use during formal practice, at rest and during daily life to improve health.

How is the program structured?



How is this program unique?

Individualised and Comprehensive-

  • Initial assessment and the small group format  so your unique problems and needs can be addressed.
  • The program targets all the key areas of breathing dysfunction.
  • Looks at breathing pattern, hyperventilation and stress related breathing issues
  • Assesses underlyiing causes and contributing factors to help achieve long term health improvements.

Scientific and Practical -

This program and the tecniques used are based on the best current scientific evidence as well as the cumulative practical experience of many breathing therapy and mind-body healing traditions.

Expertise -

Dr. Rosalba Courtney has been working with breathing therapy for over 25 years as a clinician, researcher and teacher. She completing her PhD on the subject of breathing dysfunction and breathing therapy at RMIT University in 2011.

She has published several book chapters and many scientific journal articles on this topic.  

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Call us on 02 9918-3460 for information and appointments in Narrabeen

You can also email  breathandbody@optusnet.com.au



Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path, Lake Park Road, North Narrabeen

Sats 4 - 5.30pm May 20 - June 17 2017