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The First Session-


The focus of the first session, whether you are having osteopathy, a general health consultation or breathing therapy, is on history taking and evaluation. There will be questions (mine to you and yours to me), conversation and I will perform a range of physical tests, measurements and hands-on assessments to help me understand the best way to treat you.

When you call for your appointment you will be emailed an intake form to help save time at the intial appointment.

The clinic has a comfortable home like feel. We have toys in the waiting room and children are often happy to play while we talk to mum and dad.

The time taken for the first consultation is usually 60 minutes unless you have arranged a longer session with us.

If you are in acute pain I will do what I can to give you some pain relief at this intial session. If you have come for a breathing related issue we sometimes begin breathing or other types exerices or osteopathic treatment on the first visit. 

However, if your condition is complex treatment may not occur till the the subsequent visit.


Ongoing Treatment and Reassessment

Ongoing treatment is tailored to your needs. I do ongoing assessments and modify treatment as necessary to achieve the best result.  Treatment can be a combination of different therapies.

Patients who have not responded to a single therapy may respond to a combination of therapies because different therapies support different aspects of the healing process. For example, breathing therapy can work better when massage or osteopathic treatment are used to improve the function of the diaphragm or other breathing muscles.

The usual number of sessions is between four and ten. Most people will see some improvement after the first or second osteopathic treatment. Results from breathing therapy are often evident after a couple of weeks of practice.

Your participation and engagement

You may be encouraged to focus on your breath or to perform different types of movement  during the treatment. You may also be given exercises at home or to make changes in diet and lifestyle.

In most chronic conditions the best results are achieved when your commitment is strong and you actively participate in the treatment process by doing things at home such as exercises, relaxation techniques or eating a more healthy diet.