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Screening and Assessing Breathing: A Multidimensional Approach - Introductory Online Course for Professionals

Breathing dysfunction is frequently associated with common musculoskeletal problems and is present in approximately 60% of active, healthy adults. It is also a contributing factor in movement dysfunction and can lead to decreased pain thresholds and impaired motor control and balance.

I recently collaborated with FMS - Functional Movement Systems - to develop a course that equips professionals to identify and correct breathing dysfunction in their clients and patients. In Screening and Assessing Breathing: A Multidimensional Approach, I share my research regarding three types of breathing dysfunction: biomechanical, biochemical and psychophysiological. A novel, research-based breathing screen is introduced demonstrating that a breath hold time test and a short questionnaire can be utilized to quickly determine if breathing dysfunction is present. The screen takes a few minutes to administer and provides valuable feedback with 89% sensitivity. Hands on assessment is covered in detail and a new breathing re-training exercise approach is introduced.


The breathing course covers the relationship between core function, breathing and movement and includes research for how the three are interrelated.  It provides professionals with the tools to quantify and categorize people with breathing dysfunction and offers a pathway to help determine if greater assessment and coordination with other healthcare providers are needed.



For more information or to order go to FMS