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Nutritional consultations and dietary advice are part of the holistic approach at the Breath and Body Clinic.

The dietary advice we give is fad-free and based on sound information.

Key information about diet is also an important part of the Breathing Therapy and Wellness programs because good health is impossible to achieve and  maintain without healthy food.

Food is central to our lives and to our health as individuals and as a society. Food brings pleasure and enjoyment and the quality and type of food we eat has a major impact on the quality of our health. Food is also medicine with powerful biological effects. The rituals around the growing, preparation and sharing of food bring people together. How we grow and distribute food is essential to the health of our society and our planet.


A healthy diet looks like the sort of diet that pre-industrialised societies ate. It is grown mostly organically, unprocessed and prepared in ways that increase its nutritional value. The health of children in particular is strongly affected by diet.

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Dr. Courtney is also a passionate advocate of organic and community gardening as a way of nurturing the health of the individuals, communities and of our planet.


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