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We prescribe Western and Chinese Herbal medicines as general tonics for a run down state or to help with specific conditions.

Herbal medicine is also known as phytotherapy or plant medicine. It is the oldest system of medicine with a tradition in all the world’s cultures. There are over 300,000 species of plants on this earth. Some of these plants have been used as medicine since the beginning of human history. In 60,000 BC a Neanderthal man was buried with medicinal herbs including some that are still used in herbal medicine today.


Herbs are considered a gentle form of medicine, however they can be very effective if used in the right situation. Herbal medicines can also be toxic, however government regulation of potentially toxic herbs is effectively carried out in Australia which minimises risk to the consumer.

Research into herbal medicine is being actively pursued in many universities around the work. Here is an excellent video of a talk from Dr. Normal Farnsworth from the website of  the USA National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine -


More information on herbal research is also available from - Health Direct Australia