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The Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child Program



Breath retraining for children using

fun exercises, music, movement and play






Group classes and private consultations available

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 Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path, Lake Park Road, North Narrabeen


Sats 2.30 - 4pm May 20th - June 17th 2017


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Breathing and Children’s Health

Correct breathing is fundamental for children’s health, brain function and facial, dental and structural development. Many children suffering from the common illnesses of modern times do not breathe well and many have obstructed airways. Poor breathing affects sleep quality, learning, behaviour and respiratory health.

About healthy breathing healthy child program

The program teaches children how to correct poor breathing habits. It also teaches them how to use breathing in combination with mindfulness and relaxation to manage symptoms, behaviour and stress. The Healthy Breathing Healthy Child program is available in small group workshops or by private consultation.


                How is the program structured?                             How is this program unique?

The blend of techniques taught in this program is designed to be fun and engaging for children.


Techniques are set to music and we use movement, sound and storytelling to aid learning and help with home practice.


Each child is assessed for breathing, postural and muscular-skeletal dysfunction and re-evaluated to assess progress.


The program integrates evidence based breathing rehabilitation and mind-body strategies with well tested breathing techniques such as the Buteyko Method and Resonance Frequency Breathing.

The program's practices and theory have been developed and refined over 25 years by Dr Courtney.

Is this program suitable for my child?

The program can be adapted for children of all ages. Group sessions are suitable for most children over the age of 6. It is helpful for children with asthma, allergies and mouth breathing. It can also help some children with sleep disordered breathing and attention, learning and behavioural difficulties. Each child is assessed individually and if the program is not suitable or if your child needs some other type of treatment before starting you will be recommend to the appropriate health professional.

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Classes and Enquiries 

Workshops are 1.5 hour sessions over five weeks

Cost - $350

Coastal Environment Centre, Pelican Path, Lake Park Road, North Narrabeen

Sats 2.30 - 4pm May 20th - June 17th 2017


Please call us on 02-9918-3460 for an appointment or for further information.

You can also email breathandbody@optusnet.com.au

There is also a DVD of the Healthy Breathing Healthy Child Breathing Exercises available