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If you wish to have your breathing assessed, dysfunctional breathing assessments are available by appointment.

We can check how good your breathing is by performing comprehensive breathing assessments in which we evaluate the following aspects of your breathing -

  • biomechanical
  • biochemical
  • physiological, and
  • psychological.

We use questionnaires, measure respiratory blood gases and lung function and apply techniques for evaluating breathing pattern and breathing control.

Private sessions are also available for most of the breathing therapies we offer, including the Buteyko and Remedial Breathing, Intermittent Hypoxic Training, Resonance Frequency Biofeedback.  

Private sessions for children with breathing problems and allergies are also available.

For people travelling from a long distance, private sessions can be conducted in an intensive manner over just a few days.

If you prefer to join a group session Breathing Therapy and Wellness programs are offered at the Breath and Body Clinic in Avalon and at other locations.

The breathing therapy workshops are currently running on an ongoing basis at the Breath and Body Clinic:

  • Better Breathing, Better Health
  • Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child

 Email us or call for more information or to make an appointment or book a breathing assessment-

 breathandbody@optusnet.com.au  or telephone - 02 9918-3460