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We treat adults and children with all types of muscle, back, neck and joint problems

Back and neck pain

Muscle tension


Craniofacial pain

TMJ dysfunction

Postural and movement dysfunction

Pelvic pain

Lower limb- Hip, knee, ankle  and foot pain. Shin splints.

Upper limb- Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain

Arthritis related pain


Our aim is to provide effective relief of muscular skeletal pain that lasts. 

Chronic pain- Our Integrative Approach

Whats chronic pain?

Pain is our bodies usual reponse to injury and damage. In most cases it only last for a short time and is gone once tissues heal. However, in some cases pain persists.  The reason it lasts is complex but recent research is showing that it has a lot to do with processes in our brain and nervous system.

Manual therapy combined with mind-body techniques for chronic pain management.

At the Breath and Body Clinic we use manual therapy tecniques to help muscles and other connective tissues relax and function in a balanced and unstressed manner.  Then we teach you how to use breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques so that you can change how your brain and nervous system processes pain.