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Dr. Rosalba Courtney, PhD is an Osteopath who brings over 35 years of experience to patient care. She is known as an expertly skilled practitioner, with great hands, broad knowledge and unique problem solving abilities who also really cares about her patients.

Rosalba is also a researcher and writer with a passion for delving deeply into the art and science of medicine and health to explore and develop effective treatment strategies for health and wellbeing.



Dr. Courtney is one of the world's leading authorities on the use of breathing therapy and the role that dysfunctional breathing plays in health problems like asthma, sleep apnoea, muscular-skeletal disorders, stress related problems and children’s health. She has completed a PhD on this subject. She conducts breathing assessments and has developed breathing therapy programs targeted to these specific conditions and types of patients.

You can make an appointment to see Dr. Courtney at the Breath and Body Clinic or make enquiries about breathing therapy and other programs by calling 02-99183460. You can also email breathandbody@optusnet.com.au