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Hi, I'm Dr Rosalba Courtney. This is the website for my main clinic - The Breath and Body Clinic - in Avalon NSW.

There's also information about some of my research and teaching activity and some resources for my patients and others interested in my work with breathing dysfunction and breathing therapy. 

I feel privileged to have found work I loved early in my life, something that is meaningful, deeply engaging and satisfying. I've been an Osteopath for over 35 years, working in many different settings, helping patients with a broard range of health conditions and muscle, joint and spine issues. 

Osteopathy is not as well known as many other manual therapies, however the people who choose osteopathy often say that they do so because it is holistic and integrative and because they enjoy the high level of skill with which osteopaths use their hands to feel, diagnose and treat. Also, more time is taken for treatment sessions.

My greatest satisfaction as an osteopath is being able to help people who have been unable to find solutions to their health problems elsewhere.  You can read more about the philosophy and practice of osteopathy here.

I also have a very strong interest in breathing. I've done extensive research, writing and teaching on this subject. My PhD on the subject of breathing dysfunction and breathing therapy has led me to understand the many ways that breathing affects health, structural development, movement patterns and the function of our muscular-skeletal system.

In my view breath is at the centre of health. How we breathe affects how we feel, how we function and how well we heal. Breathing is a tool for healing that supports many other therapies including osteopathy.  You can read more about Breathing Therapy here.

Individual and small group Breathing Therapy programs are held at the Breath and Body Clinic in Avalon and also at other locations at various times during the year.

At the Breath and Body Clinic I combine my various skills and treat a broad range of conditions. Everthing from sprained ankles and acute back pain to chronic and complex health conditions. I work with adults, children and babies.

You can read more about the conditions treated at the Breath and Body Clinic here.

My treatment is integrative and individualised and can also include Nutrition and Herbal medicine.

I've worked at many large multi-disciplinary clinics in Australia and in the USA, enjoying the camaraderie and learning opportunities that come from working with some wonderful colleagues. When I began my PhD I moved my clinic to a space at my home in Avalon to give me the flexibility to pursue research. Now that I have completed my studies I travel extensively to teach and continue to enjoy the convenience of working from home most of the time.  

To make an appointment at the Breath and Body Clinic in Avalon - call 02 9918-3460.

I am also working one day a week at Lotus Health in Neutral Bay. To make an appointment to see me at Lotus Health - call 02 9953-5153.

For those who can't attend either of my clinics there are some products and resources available through this website.

If you are a health professional or academic you can access some of my scientific presentations and publications here

I welcome referrals from other health professionals and invite you to contact me so we can work collaboratively to help your patient.

I am also available for public lectures, professional training and media events.